Links Every Whovian Should Know Of


Seven New Sites for Your Favourites Bar

These are a couple of links to places that can provide you with hours of plentiful wibbly-wobbly, timey-whimey stuff.


Official BBC Website :

Pros: gets updated more often, more games and videos, better layout

Cons: is deprived of some features of the BBC America site (recipes, episode countdown widget), some videos appear as ‘Not Available in Your Area’ to those who live outside of the UK

On this site you will find games, character bios, episode trailers and sneak peaks, behind the scenes features, quizzes, and the latest news on upcoming happenings in the Doctor Who World. This is definitely something to have on the favourites bar!


Official BBC America Website :

Pros: has some features the other BBC site doesn’t (recipes, episode countdown widget)

Cons: the layout is a bit more confusing, not updated as frequently

This is a great site to visit every now and then (even for you Englanders who can get away without ever seeing the ‘Not Available in Your Area’ message on certain video files on the other official website). I say this because believe it or not this site includes some things the other site does not such as: recipes, a countdown widget, and a couple other odds and ends.


TV Links :—2005-_221/season_6/episode_10/

Pros: quickest to upload the newest Doctor Who Episodes, provides links to well-known video players (megavideo, videobb), NO GIMMICKS (you don’t have to download and play a game or make an account before watching)

Cons: not as easy to navigate as the other websites below, does not have as many links available as the websites below

This site is great for finding links for online watching of new episode just after they come out. This is the quickest website I know for posting new episodes, so if you miss it on the tele or on live stream then this is definitely the first place to go. You click on the link of the episode you would like to view and the website brings you to another page with a list of video players that are available for that episode (ex: megavideo, videobb). Then you quite simply pick the one you want to use and ALLONS-Y!


Watch Doctor Who Online Free :

Pros: easier to navigate and locate episodes than TV Links, more links and video players avaliable for each episode, download capability, NO GIMMICKS (you don’t have to download and play a game or make an account before watching)

Cons: slower than TV Links at uploading links to the newest Doctor Who (usually takes until the morning after it comes out to be posted).

These two sites are very similar that is why I grouped them together. As you can guess by the title these are sites for watching Doctor Who episodes online for free. With these sites theres no stupid gimmicks like having to give personal info or download and play a game before you can watch, so it turns out to be an enjoyable and uninterrupted Doctor Who watching.

Like TV Links above this site is archived so you can click on an episode and get links to different video players, to which it will redirect you. However, unlike TV Links you usually have to wait until the morning after a new episode comes out to catch a link for watching it. Although it does still have some advantages; if you are looking to watch an older episode this is the place to go. It is easier to navigate to find older episodes, than its competition TV Links, and it also has more links to chose from along with the capability to download.


Doctor Who Wiki:


Official BBC Shop:                   

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