Doctor Who Livestream: ‘The Wedding of River Song’

Airs: Saturday October 1st on BBC One at 7:05pm English Time. That’s 2:00pm Eastern Time and 1:00pm Central Time.

If you have any confusion about the time the episode will air where you live then you can check using this online time converter: .

BBC One Livestream:

7:05pm England; 2/1c America (UK Only)

Doctor Who Only Livestream:

7:05pm England; 2/1c America

American Time Livestream:

9/8c America

With still a while to wait for the episode release you can check out the latest news on ‘The Wedding of River Song’ on my blog’s Episode News Page: 

- Here you can see trailers, interviews, promo pics, an introduction to the episode by Arthur Darvill, behind the scenes, and the episode prequel.

A shortened version of this information will be posted on my blog ( ) to the right under the TARDIS.

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